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Arm Around Shoulder


"While vividly describing her personal story of victimization and survival, she captivated the audience with detailed narration and
thorough optics. In addition, she managed to situate her story within the cycle of abuse, providing a framework for attendees to understand the numerous challenges associated with leaving abusive relationships."

Chenelle Jones Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Ohio Dominican University




"Your ability to share it with others is amazing! While it definitely takes courage to tell the story of your journey. It obviously takes a different skill set in order to capture the attention of your audience and keep it while conveying your message. Public Speaking is an art and science and you seem to have mastered them both.  You immediately connect with your audience; you cause them to empathize with you while educating them on what to look for in the wrong partner and steps to take to remove yourself from dangerous relationships.  By the end of your presentation, you have others wanting to advocate and to help spread your message."

Kim Fowler, Probation Officer
Franklin County Municipal Court 

"Marica Phipps is an excellent speaker.  She engages her audience and gives hope to others who may be in a similar situation, letting them know they are not alone and can get out of their situation." 


Vanessa King- Umbantu Pagents 


"Marica's presentation motivated me to get more involved in supporting victims of violence. I would recommend Marica to Speak at any Conference, School, or Company."


Gregg Walker, Author of The Big Dreamer 

"Marica was able to influence how I think about domestic violence; how I will approach my role in my organization or field; heightened awareness regarding safety and risk factors in relationships and environment; motivated me to get more involved in supporting victims of violence and reevaluate my relationships with others; as well as made me feel empowered/ inspired." 


Katie Pettiford, Ohio Health Department 

"The message you deliver in your public speaking absolutely provides opportunities for empowerment and improved mental health.   What you unquestionably provide to others is HOPE.   The HOPE that you provide is hope for survival.   Your message allows women and loved ones to know that it is possible to survive and thrive after an abusive relationship."

Roxanne Swogger,
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction’s

"Marica did a fantastic job; she spoke with such grace and poise; she kept your audience's attention at all times. Marica also  provided  good information that is important as well as relevant to the topic of discussion."


Erica Skeaton 

"I love how you give courage to those who are still trying to find theirs." 

Michelle Wells, Founder & CEO,
Love me Like a Princess 

"To this day, men who attended the presentation say that they are still moved by what they saw and heard.  Her presentation was visceral, disturbing, and jarred many of the men into thinking about how their actions affect others around them.  I believe that she saved lives that day.."

Earnest Dandridge, Probation Officer
Franklin County Municipal Court 

"Where to begin with the positives,I think our young boys seemed so extremely attentive to this session more than any other we've had thus far. This is such a powerful story, lesson, example, and rebirth of a woman that it still touches me to my core. I would recommend this to anyone listening it is a must-see."

Mondo Logan, The Extraordinary Gentlemen, Inc. 



"Marica's experience has been so eye-opening and the way she shares and displays her caring, loving, and humble self to all, is amazing.  The passion is easily seen and felt through each word and expression.  I was honored to be in the presentation and I will always, and never forget how impressed I was and overtaken with emotion just listening to her story.  Thank you for sharing yourself!"


Karen Greene

"Marica is a strong advocate against and survivor of domestic violence; and shares such a personal and painful journey in hopes to help more women survive.  Her powerful delivery and intense commitment to the anti-violence movement is commendable.  I am confident she is saving more lives than she will ever know."

Roni Burkes-Trowsdell, Warden,
Ohio Reformatory for Women 

"Marica is an excellent moderator.  She was very engaging to both the audience and the panel.  Her knowledge in the area of domestic violence and its impact on women/children is excellent.  She is very professional and carries the audience with her message." 

Cecilia Word, Anger Management Coach

"Ms. Phipps is an excellent speaker. She related very well to the young ladies at our school and inspired them all to learn more about domestic violence and healthy relationships. I would highly recommend her to any groups looking to learn from a genuine, heartfelt speaker."

Marcie Aiello, GLHS "S" Club, Lincoln High School

"Our group had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback about your presentation. You were a wonderful presenter and renewed our energy for our jobs. Your message has motivated us to continue our work to keep victims safe and offenders accountable. Thank you!"

Darci Knight, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney,

 Stark County, Ohio

"Marica has a powerful presentation; I don't know what else to ask for Marica   is passionate about the work she does and I appreciate that she uses her personal situation to inspire, empower, and encourage others." 

Vernise Robinson, Ohio State Department
of Rehabilitation and Corrections 

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