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Speaker Bio

Marica Phipps-Johnson
CEO & Founder

Battered Not Broken, Inc.


All Good Things.Life, LLC Coaching & Consulting 

Marica Phipps-Johnson is the Founder and CEO of Battered Not Broken Inc., as well as an owner and Professional Transition & Resilience Coach of All Good Things.Life, LLC.,  Battered Not Broken, Inc is a 501 (c) (3) domestic abuse organization providing education, crisis support, empowerment, and resources for individuals victimized by domestic abuse and violence. As a nationally recognized speaker and survivor of domestic abuse, Mrs. Phipps-Johnson candidly shares her life-altering, near-fatal experience with domestic violence, which inspired and created a platform for her to advocate and educate others.


As a core energy Professional Transition & Resilience Coach at All Good Things.Life, LLC, Mrs. Phipps-Johnson is able to emotionally connect with others to find their inner purpose and passion for their outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. This type of coaching partnership makes it possible to help them reach their full potential and make progress toward their overarching goals professionally and/or personally.

In addition to domestic abuse, Mrs. Phipps-Johnson discusses her other traumatic experiences that society finds difficult to address, such as loss/grief, depression, and addiction. Woven in the openness of her stories are many opportunities for education, empowerment, inspiration, and continuous personal and professional development.




As a transformational, empowerment speaker, Mrs. Phipps-Johnson motivates her audience to reclaim their power to overcome their circumstances, challenges, and experiences, introducing them to ways of transforming their limiting beliefs tied to adverse or traumatic events. The delivery style she offers is a mix of vulnerability, passion & wittiness. The level of her transparency and ability to candidly dig down to the core where others are not always willing to venture defines her strength as a speaker.


Mrs. Phipps-Johnson has effectively used her experience to connect with others in their experiences and create engagement. This skill enables participants to become more informed regarding abuse and its hidden red flags. Furthermore, gaining a newfound ability to navigate, identify, and discern unhealthy behaviors in relationships with others…and themselves.


Mrs. Phipps-Johnson inspires individuals to tap into various tools for empowerment, as well as find their voice, and recover a sense of self-identity. Participants in her workshops develop the ability to shift their perspective to find opportunities in all their experiences; creating a positive shift across all

areas of their life from health to career and relationships.




Her philosophy is grounded in the belief that we cannot prevent what we don’t see, and we cannot heal from what we don’t identify. Therefore, the emerging need for prevention and education surrounding unhealthy relationships; makes her workshops an invaluable tool for responders, educators, and youth of all ages.  She is now seen as the go-to keynote speaker for school districts, universities, law enforcement agencies, etc., that want their audiences to be more informed, empowered, and inspired, ultimately achieving more results on professional as well as personal levels.  


Ms. Phipps-Johnson facilitates numerous workshops throughout the country at various school districts, universities, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and faith-based organizations. These programs she is taking into communities to inform adults as well as educate children and young adults are invaluable. The programs not only serve as a resource to individuals currently in crisis or recovering from the emotional and psychological trauma of abuse; but act as a prevention tool for all ages, as well as a learning tool for agencies that serve or provide support to victims.


She has been a key contributor and speaker for the Columbus Division of Police Academy’s Annual Domestic Violence Conference and speaker for The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice Conference, The Purple Lip Project, The Extraordinary Gentlemen Ladies Appreciation Gala, Ohio Safety & Health Department youth program “and numerous others. Her latest initiatives include H.E.A.L., a free community Women’s Support Group.


Awards and Recognition

Mrs. Phipps-Johnson has sponsored various events in the community, including Self-Empowerment & Danger Awareness, in partnership with the Columbus Division of Police and many other local initiatives. She was nominated and featured on WBNS-10TV as an Ohio Trailblazing Woman and progressive community leader; she is known as an expert in her field and has been invited on numerous occasions by local television networks. Likewise, Ms. Phipps was featured on the cover of EnVision Proven Success Magazine, an annual publication that highlights and shares the stories of women who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives.


On a national level, she has been recognized for her inspiring TED Talk performance, as she delivered a candid and unforgettable speech surrounding the perceptions of domestic abuse, resulting in the only standing ovation of the evening/program. 


Educational Background


Marica holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Walden University, and an Associate degree in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University; Mrs. Phipps-Johnson is a Professional Transition & Resilience Coach; she obtained her credentials for Professional Life Coaching through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

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