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About Us



Founded on November 17, 2014, Battered Not Broken is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to advocating for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. Created by Marica Phipps-Johnson,  a survivor and mother of three, the organization is a living testament to her journey from abuse to recovery. Initially conceived as a platform for support, empowerment, and education, Battered Not Broken has evolved to incorporate abuse prevention as an equally crucial aspect of its mission.


The Evolution

What began as Marica's vision to use her trauma for empowerment and growth soon identified a glaring need in the community—the critical necessity for abuse prevention. This realization led Battered Not Broken, Inc. to broaden its horizons by engaging in various outreach programs across different sectors. From school districts and universities to law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations, the nonprofit ensures that its preventive and educational modules reach as many people as possible.

Mission Statement

Battered Not Broken empowers survivors of domestic abuse by acknowledging their experiences and reinforcing their true worth. Through advocacy, education, mentorship, and resources, we foster healing and teach healthy boundaries. Our mission is to provide the essential support needed to break the cycle of abuse and establish stronger, healthier connections with themselves and others.


Battered Not Broken’s purpose is ever-expanding to cater to the pressing needs of our community. Our offerings  include:

  • Advocacy/Mentorship: One-on-one coaching mentorship to guide survivors and their families post-healing.

  • Crisis Assistance Fund: Offering support for immediate needs such as transportation, lodging, lock changes, and CCW registration.

  • Essential Supplies: Provision of food and hygiene products.

  • Information and Referrals: Assisted guidance to other essential community resources.

  • Programs: Conducting life skills, empowerment, and self-defense workshops; global support groups; school education programs; and first-responder training.

  • Community Engagement: Preventative workshops for state and government organizations, universities, school districts, women’s groups, and faith-based organizations.

If you or someone you know, needs support, mentorship, encouragement, or resources; or you would like to invite me to deliver a message for your program, please use the Contact form to connect with us.

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

— Brené Brown

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