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About Us


Battered Not Broken is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that was originally founded on November 17, 2014. The Founder, Marica Phipps-Johnson, a mother of three children, is a survivor of domestic abuse. Therefore, Marica established the organization from the experience of her journey of abuse and recovery.  Marica’s vision was to create an organization to provide support, empowerment, and education for victims and survivors; however, it would also become a tool to provide prevention as well.  It serves as a resource for participants currently in crisis or previously recovering from the emotional trauma and psychological disorders due to abuse. 


The foundation of Battered Not Broken was built on a traumatic experience that its Founder, Marica used as an opportunity for empowerment and growth for herself and others. As the organization evolved, it became evident that support, empowerment, and education, were not the only things needed in the community; there was a critical need for the prevention of abuse. Educating people with the skills and tactics to avoid becoming a victim or perpetrator of interpersonal violence seemed to be a necessary component to prevent violence and inappropriate aggression. 

The objective of prevention came into focus for the organization and it became clear that in addition to supporting victims and survivors, prevention was equally important.  Battered Not Broken, Inc. facilitates numerous workshops throughout various school districts, universities, law enforcement agencies, correctional institutions, and faith-based organizations. These programs are taken into our communities to inform adults as well as educate children and young adults, which are invaluable. The programs not only serve as a resource to individuals currently in crisis or recovering from the emotional and psychological trauma of abuse; it acts as a prevention tool for all ages, as well learning tool for agencies that serve or provide support to victims. 

You can find more about Marica's story that created her purpose for Battered Not Broken, Inc. here.

Mission Statement

The core of Battered Not Broken, Inc. is providing advocacy through promoting empowerment, support, resources & education for those victimized by domestic abuse as they overcome the challenging journey of recovery. Reinforcement of positive inspirational encouragement through mentorship, education & advocacy, creates the starting line of support needed in order to restore human consciousness; which is essential for re-establishing boundaries and healthy, safe behaviors. These key components are vital in overcoming the trauma of abuse and its re-occurrence in future relationships.



Battered Not Broken's purpose is to provide: 

  • Advocacy/ Mentorship: Personal support to guide and encourage survivors and their families.

  • Crisis Assistance Fund- (i.e. transportation/ bus fare out of town or to a safe place, lodging at hotel  change locks, CCW registration, etc.)

  • Food & hygiene products 

  • Personally assisted information and referrals to other community resources (i.e. protection orders, crime victims, shelters) 

  • Programs: Life skills /empowerment & self-defense programs and workshops; support groups

  • Community awareness /preventative workshops for state and government organizations (correctional institutions, law enforcement agencies, victim awareness, and health department programs) universities, school district's and youth programs, women’s groups, and faith-based organizations.

If you or someone you know, is in need of support, mentorship, encouragement, or resources; or you would like to invite me to deliver a message for your program, please use the Contact form to connect with us.

“I now see how owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do.”

— Brené Brown

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