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“A sacred space to share without shame or fear, a space where we could share our deepest darkest secrets and they would be received with love and empathy"

— Viola Davis

Join our monthly Global Virtual Women's Group!


 2nd & 4TH Thursday of the month @ 6 PM 
(Eastern Standard Time Zone)
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The H.E.A.L group is always free of charge and is a global fellowship of women from all over the world in which we promote healing through sharing, honesty, and deep conversation centered around hope, empowerment, acceptance, and love along our journey of self-discovery.

The beauty and healing properties of the group are self–serving. Being among people with shared experiences and situations creates a unique emotional identification that is different from the type of support obtained from a professional.

With a support group, women can get the healing support of other women, which is a POWERFUL force. The ability to open up without fear of being judged, allows them to begin the healing process.


 In studies comparing group therapy to individual therapy sessions, group therapy has been shown to be just as effective and is sometimes even more effective. Even though the attention isn’t as individualized, the support and challenge each woman feels during group therapy may speed up the healing process. 

The Founder and facilitator of the group, Marica Phipps-Johnson is a survivor of domestic violence; however, this group is not focused solely on domestic violence. Instead, Marica's mission & purpose for creating H.E.A.L was to form a network of connectedness with other women who've felt the pain of unhealthy relationships, emptiness, codependency, childhood trauma, depression, loss, divorce, addiction, sexual assault, and other painful experiences.

Join us for our next scheduled meeting
on the 2nd & 4TH THURSDAYof the month...
from the comfort of home!  

As a safety measure, registration is required before instructions and a link to join will be sent. 


This group is intended for women only. 


To safeguard the group and our attendees; everyone who attends will be required to join visually to ensure everyone who is joining is permitted; joining and not being visible on the camera will not be permitted.


All Meetings are held during  Eastern Standard Time 

What time is the meeting in my time zone?  

We often get asked this question, so here is a helpful link in case you need it.  It's easy to use, Add the time zone of the group - Eastern Standard Time  @ 6 PM) and then add your location and it will convert it for you:

October 2023

Domestic Violence Awareness Month Special Theme 

Click the date below to RSVP  

Thursday,  October 5, 2023

6:00 PM  (EST) 


Thursday, October 12, 2023
6:00 PM  (EST) 

Thursday, October 19, 2023
6:00 PM  (EST) 

Thursday, October 26, 2023 
6:00 PM  (EST) 

Via Google Meets 

NOvember 2023

Click the date below to RSVP   

Thursday, November 9, 2023
6:00 PM (EST)

Thursday, November 16, 2023*
6:00 PM (EST)

*This meeting is held on the 3rd week vs. the 4th due to the holiday

Via Google Meets 

HEAL Flyer September 2023.png
HEAL Flyers 2023 (3).png

Download Flyer 

Via Google Meets 

December 2023

Click the date below to RSVP   

Thursday, December 14, 2023
6:00 PM (EST)

Thursday, December 28, 2023
6:00 PM (EST)  

HEAL Flyer August  2023.png

Download Flyer 

Download Flyer 


A Safe Space:


Our women’s support group is a safe place for women to explore and discuss their problems and issues. One of the biggest advantages of this support group, and others like it, is in helping women realize that they are not alone and that other people have similar problems and struggles. This realization is often a huge relief to someone who may have spent her whole life wondering if she was alone in her thoughts. 

H.E.A.L is not just a space for women who have/are experiencing abuse.. its a space for women to come together to have a place to fellowship with other women on many different topics. We cultivate growth within and practice self-care just by making time to focus on ourselves.

Often, you may feel like you are the only one struggling — but you’re not.  Overcoming and healing from past wounds, present addictions, and stressful situations, do not happen in isolation. We all need to be reassured we’re not alone and be validated and accepted; this is the group's sole mission and purpose.  This group is intended to be a safe space for those of us that have been (or are still), suffering physically, mentally, or emotionally.

In H.E.A.L, we each learn to build a bridge to a Higher Power of our own understanding, and we allow others the same privilege. This renewal process is a gift of healing for us. By actively working with the program H.E.A.L, we can realize a new joy, acceptance, and peacefulness in our lives.

Our group members learn to better handle their everyday stresses and manage depression, anxiety, and other challenges. 


Topics include:


  • Relationships 

  • Domestic Abuse Recovery from the following: 

    • physical abuse 

    • emotional abuse 

    • psychological abuse 

    • narcissistic abuse 

    • sexual abuse 

    • financial abuse 

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Single life/being alone 

  • Separation/divorce 

  • Mental Health 

  • Parenting 

  • Motherhood

  • Grief

Relationships are a key topic in the group. Women often struggle with relationships and healthy boundaries, which can positively impact our relationships. At times we have difficulty understanding why we can’t make the right connections or make our existing connections work better. Since emotional wounds happen within the context of relationships, it makes sense that healing is achieved in the same context with a group setting.

Women can get compassion and feedback that helps them find new possibilities or leads to enlightenment and changes in their journey.  Women in our support group give each other the priceless gift of offering hope, empowerment with acceptance, and love for each other to make progress for their future.

What to Expect:

The only requirement for membership is the desire to learn the language of letting go and building a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves and others.


New members are never pressured to share in the group discussion; they have permission to listen and lay low. 😊 However, to ensure that current members also feel comfortable being vulnerable; we ask that everyone participate in the introduction, as well as the check-in / check-out. Beyond that, new members are welcome to listen and observe until they feel comfortable engaging in the group discussion.

Cameras on:

Attendees are asked to keep the cameras on throughout the meeting. Keeping our cameras on allows cohesiveness within the group and allows everyone to feel they are being heard and that we are all holding space and time for each other by being attentive and respectful as we all speak.


No religious affiliation:
The group itself does not have an explicit religious underpinning, it’s open and inclusive to all faiths, yet it is important to note it is rooted in spirituality /Christianity. Women from all backgrounds, religions, and age groups are welcome. 


Safety & Respect:

Many people were taught that some feelings are acceptable and others are not, that some feelings are negative and others are positive, and that somehow, we need to be rescued from our feelings, especially painful ones such as anger, hopelessness, sadness, hurt, fear, helplessness, and guilt.


Instead, this group represents a place of unconditional presence. In this space, feelings can be released when they are heard with compassion, empathy, respect, and a lack of judgment. This is what unconditional presence means.


The H.E.A.L group is a safe place to share our stories, find understanding, and empower each other to cope with life. This is a place where we are surrounded by people who ‘get it' and the facilitator plays an important role, but is not the only teacher in the room. Participants act as role models for each other. Seeing others who are contending with the same adversity and making progress in their lives, is inspiring and encouraging.

It is a place of mutual respect, open communication, and safety. It is a place where judgment is suspended, and people are free to ask questions, vent frustrations or fears, and explore answers for themselves. More importantly, it is a place to laugh, receive love, and enjoy the connections and relationships that are formed.


No records are kept and meetings are not recorded. All participants agree to abide by the rules of the group including confidentiality. 



Twelve Principles of H.E.A.L


We rely upon the 12 Principles for knowledge and wisdom; they are the blueprint of our group and guide us in being conscious and disciplined in developing honest and fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others. In H.E.A.L, we each learn to build a bridge to a Higher Power of our own understanding, and we allow others the same privilege. Download the Twelve Principles here


  1. Acknowledge:  Acknowledge that I cannot heal from the things that I don’t confront.

  2. Boundaries: Set, honor, and maintain healthy boundaries for myself and others.

  3. Power: Understand I have no control over others; my power lies in the control I have over myself.

  4. Guidance: Trust and rely on the guidance I receive from my Higher Power and allow it to lead my decisions and choices.

  5. Surrender: Make peace with and surrender to God’s plan instead of my own.

  6. Trust: Learn to trust me and those who’ve proven they are trustworthy.

  7. Believe: Believe others when they show me who they are, and make decisions for my well-being accordingly.

  8. Let Go or Fall:  Realize that the more I hold onto things that do not serve me, the more it disrupts my balance in life.

  9. Forgive: Understand that forgiveness is giving up the hope the past could’ve been different; I release myself and others from that hope.

  10. Potential:  No longer allow the potential of what something could be, to be my motivation for holding onto unhealthy relationships.

  11. Validation:  I have always been and will always be enough; I do not need to seek validation from others.

  12. Love: Learn how to love me unconditionally, only then will I be available to give and receive it from others.

HEAL Brochure Image.png

Pamphlets are available for advocates and medical providers. Please use our contact form to request details for pricing and quantities. 

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You are seen; you are heard; you are loved.

                                                     — Marica Phipps-Johnson

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