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Virtual Women's Support Group: H.E.A.L from your Couch!

COVID-19 Changed Everything

Covid 19 has changed everyone's lives; it's modified the way we shop, the way we work, how we interact, and even the way we wash our hands! Nearly a year later, I am still trying to Ito find my balance and figure out what the "new normal" is for my family and me. I go back and forth between enjoying the ability to be home with the family, work in my nightgown and bonnet, and then miss my routine of going to work, getting my Starbucks, and having my own space. I find myself cleaning more, eating more (a lot more) and being a teacher, and helping (trying to help) the kids with their school work. I have two degrees, and doing middle school and high school math is over my head!

As an extrovert and a hugger, this social distancing has nearly sent me over my edge! The urge to reach out and hug my friends or a random stranger has me beyond myself! It also just reminds me just how much interacting and connecting is vital for all of us (even introverts). It's even more crucial for the millions of people out of work and stressed about how they will pay their bills or when their unemployment/stimulus check is coming. Perhaps it's the small business trying to figure out how they can afford to keep their business going and pay their workers. All of this can create stress and tension at home; those already in unhealthy and abusive homes only add another layer of being at risk.

Depression, Isolation and Domestic Abuse on the Rise

Depression & isolation are only adding to the stresses of our "new normal" we've had all had to endure. It was not a surprise when I heard that domestic Violence cases had seen a rise worldwide. Now, more than ever, we need to embrace and support each other (in the safest socially distancing way possible); therefore, our women's support group H.E.A.L has gone virtual!

Healing Virtually

H.E.A.L is the acronym for Hope-Empowerment-Acceptance-Love. Originally it was a local group held monthly in Columbus, OH, established to support victims and survivors of domestic abuse violence. At first, I was apprehensive (for safety reasons) to open the group up virtually. However now, it's one of the best qualities of the group, which allows women from all over the county to join in and be supported virtually; we have attendees from as far as London, England!

Relationships are a key topic in the group. Women often struggle with relationships and healthy boundaries, which can positively impact our relationships. At times we and have difficulty understanding why we can’t make the right connections or make our existing connections work better. However, it's also a safe place for women to explore and discuss other issues. Our group members learn to better handle their everyday stresses, manage depression, anxiety, and other challenges.

Topics include:

  • Relationships

  • Domestic Abuse Recovery

  • Divorce

  • Parenting

  • Single life

  • Motherhood

  • Mid-life and aging

  • Grief

  • Depression and anxiety

The Power of Sharing the Same Experience

With a support group, women can get the healing support of other women, which is a POWERFUL force. Being among people with shared experiences and situations creates a unique emotional identification that is different from the type of support obtained from a professional. Discovering others that share similar experiences, helps reduce the feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

Women can get compassion and feedback that helps them find new possibilities or leads to enlightenment and changes in their journey. Women in our support group give each other the priceless gift of offering hope, empowerment with acceptance, and love for each other to make progress for their future.

Safe & Secure

The group being virtual, take the social pressures off and allow attendees to join in the safety and security of their homes.

To safeguard the group and our attendees; everyone must RSVP in order to obtain the link to attend. Attendees are required to join visually upon entering the meeting to ensure everyone that is joining is permitted; joining and not being visible upon entry is not permitted. Attendees

Attendees are never pressured to talk or share; they are welcome to come to listen and observe until they feel comfortable engaging in conversation.

Join us!

Join us the 2nd & 4TH Thursday of the month @ 6 PM (EST)

Please click the link below to find out more details and sign up.


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