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Stepping Out of Comfort into Calling (Series) Part 1 - Finding Strength in Embracing Change

Woman walking on one  side of difficult mountatin to the other.

For those who know me, parts of my story are familiar. The chapters about my survival from domestic abuse and my dedication to helping others like me through the nonprofit I founded are well-known. Despite running this nonprofit, I also maintained a 9-to-5 job in the corporate world for 26 years, working as an executive assistant. One would think ding in the same role for that many years, I was happy and fulfilled. Yet, I had to ask myself "Am I really happy or just comfortable?" This role allowed me to use my God-given talents for organization and planning. Yet, even with the fulfillment my nonprofit work provided, I continued to work this corporate job to support myself and my family financially. Alongside these roles, I have also been a life coach, empowering others to harness their strength and resilience. Though working in the corporate world was comfortable, I felt God urging me towards a path truly meant for me.

Many believe they can grow while remaining comfortable, but in reality, these two states are often contradictory. True growth requires stepping out of our comfort zones, facing challenges, and embracing uncertainty. It's an oxymoron to say you can grow and be comfortable at the same time; real transformation demands discomfort. As I faced my own crossroads, the choice became clear: stay safe and unfulfilled, or brave the uncertainty and open myself to new possibilities. Embracing this discomfort has been essential in discovering my true path and purpose.

Feeling both stuck and frustrated, I realized I was not following my true calling. So, I stepped out in faith, leaving behind the security of my job with nothing else lined up, trusting that God would lead me to where I needed to be. Was I afraid to step out of my comfort zone? YES! But the alternative—staying in an unfulfilling role—pushed me to go for it.

Today, I am thrilled to share that I have started a new chapter as an outreach coordinator working with incarcerated battered women—a role that aligns perfectly with my passion and calling, and where I can fully utilize and leverage all my skills, including those gained from my nonprofit and life coaching experiences. I am literally through the roof with excitement and am still pinching myself that this opportunity is mine!

Quote: When  you go out of your comfort zone and it words there's nothing more satisfying.- Kristen Wing

During the interview process for this new role, I didn't pray for God to simply give me the job. Often, we pray for things not even sure if they are meant for us; we just want them, so we pray for them to be given, never knowing that sometimes God not giving it to us is His protection.

So, I prayed that if it was meant for me, God would open the doors for me to walk through.

I know that what God has for me, is for me—no one can take away what was already designated by Him to be mine.

The support from people during this transition was overwhelming. Individuals who knew me, understood my skill set, and what I could bring to this role, were placed on my path long before this opportunity was even created.

It's beautiful how we don't even have to be present for others to be used by God to speak for us.

This role not only allows me to fulfill my calling but also provides the incredible blessing of being paid to do what I love. I can hardly believe someone is paying me a salary for doing my heart's work!

In a book I read today, I came across a profound line:

"If you’re feeling cramped, it's probably because you need to move."

This resonated deeply with me. If you feel stuck or unsure about your next step but know you can’t stay where you are, consider this your sign. Sometimes, the most significant growth comes from the most challenging transitions. Trust in your journey and the plans laid out for you. As I continue mine, I am in awe of where I am and eager for what’s ahead. Words can't express how in awe I am of where I am today, precisely where God has placed me.

Everything that God has for you will require courage; courage is what helps you overcome fear. So, having the courage to step out of your comfort zone and into what you know is your calling, or even if you don't know exactly what that calling is—but you just know you are not meant to be where you are—it will take your strength, your faith, and your courage.

Quite: "If you don;t get uncomfortable leaving your comfort zone then you haven;t really left it."  Tim Brownson

This journey isn't just about making changes; it's about being brave enough to make them. As you reflect on where your path might be leading you, consider what stepping out in faith might look like for you. Remember, courage doesn't mean you aren't afraid; it means you push forward despite the fear.

Transformation Takeaways: Consider these Transformation Takeaways key insights to guide your journey through change and personal growth.

  1. Courage Overcomes Fear: Embrace the idea that true courage isn't the absence of fear, but the strength to confront and move beyond it.

  2. Trust in Divine Timing: Recognize that every step of your journey is part of a divine plan, encouraging patience and faith even when the path isn’t clear.

  3. The Importance of Being Still: Learn the value of stillness, which can allow you to more clearly hear and understand God's direction and your own heart.

  4. The Power of a Support System: Acknowledge how crucial support from loved ones is in bolstering your courage and enriching your journey.

Wisdom Workouts: Engage with our Wisdom Workouts, designed to stretch your perspectives and strengthen your understanding, turning reflection into a powerful tool for personal enlightenment.

  1. When have you felt called to step out of your comfort zone, and how did you respond?

  2. Can you identify a time when fear held you back, and what might have been different if you had acted with courage?

  3. How can you practice being still and listening more deeply to both your inner voice and God’s guidance?

  4. Who in your life strengthens your courage, and how can you either thank them or seek more support from them moving forward?


May 20

Love the wisdom workouts. They help me to reflect on where I've come from and if I'm heading back to those comfort zones or are stuck in them. Wisdom #1 " how did I respond" is a huge wake up call to recognise my mentality in different circumstances/ situations. #2 fear response "hello" these can be so ingrained and I don't even know their happening. As it pertains to courage, in my opinion,it's easy to think we are not being brave, yet waking up and putting one foot in front of the other is one step forward. #3 is like a holiday/ vacation. I love quiet meditation, that's when the real work happens.

#4. This a really important factor and…


May 20

I am actually experiencing this now and receiving this email today was no coincidence. I was just asking myself how do I transition from a job that I am comfortable with but feel stuck to something that I am called to and gives me joy. Where do I even begin? The Transformation Takeaways are a good start and I will definitely answer the Wisdom Workouts. The journey must start somewhere. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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