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A Momentous Announcement from Battered Not Broken

With immense pride and joy, I am thrilled to share a momentous moment in the evolution of Battered Not Broken, Inc. Please join me in extending a heartfelt welcome to Alexis Phipps-Mohamed as she steps into the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO)!

For those who have journeyed with us, you'll know the story of Battered Not Broken, Inc. an organization birthed from my trials of domestic abuse. A pivotal moment in our story was when my daughter, Alexis (aka 'Lexie'), then only 7, displayed extraordinary bravery that was crucial in saving my life and created a moment that changed our family's lives. Back then, Alexis was shy of the spotlight that our journey and the organization brought. I always hoped she would channel her experiences and step into empowering others, despite her initial hesitations. Now, 15 years later, Alexis is not only pursuing a degree in Psychology to better support the people we aid; but she has been a constant, dynamic force, contributing significantly to our growth and outreach for the past five years. Her commitment mirrors my own in ending domestic abuse and supporting those in crisis. Alexis brings her unique instincts, deep empathy, and innovative vision to our mission, currently, she is actively working to develop a program for child survivors, much like her and her siblings. Her journey from a child who experienced the impacts of domestic abuse to a leader shaping the future of our organization is nothing short of remarkable. As we restructure our board and embark on new paths, there is no one more fitting for the COO role than Alexis. This position, second to my role as the CEO, is crucial for our organization's success. It's not just a promotion; it's a celebration of Alexis's resilience, dedication, and vision for a future for Battered Not Broken and all the lives we impact. Join me in congratulating Alexis on this remarkable achievement and in celebrating the new perspectives and leadership she brings to our mission. I am not only proud of her but am deeply honored to serve alongside her as we continue to expand and evolve Battered Not Broken, an organization born from pain but growing with hope and determination.

Finally, on a personal note as her mother, witnessing Alexis's growth and her dedication to our cause fills me with immeasurable pride. She is not just stepping into a role within our organization; she is walking in the footsteps of philanthropy and service that I have laid down. It brings me profound joy to know that the legacy of Battered Not Broken, Inc., an organization so close to our hearts, will one day be continued through her capable hands.

As we welcome Alexis to this new role, we are reminded of the power of nurturing and laying the seeds of our legacy. Just like in the image below, where diverse hands come together to plant a tree, symbolizing growth and hope, we too are cultivating a future where strength, compassion, and resilience flourish.

Alexis, as your mom, seeing you embrace the unknown with such grace and determination as you grow and step into who God has called you to be, makes my heart beam with pride. You're not just taking on a new role; you're carrying forward a legacy of strength and compassion that will guide and inspire many beyond my years.

Thank you all once again for your unwavering support and for being an integral part of our journey. Together, with Alexis's leadership and vision, we move forward with strength, hope, and a commitment to make a lasting impact.

With heartfelt gratitude and hope for the future,

Marica Phipps Johnson

Founder & CEO Battered Not Broken, Inc.

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