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Death Wakes us Up!

If you knew your loved one wasn’t going to wake up tomorrow…

how would you treat them today?

If you’ve ever lost anyone that you love, then you know what I mean when I say death, loss, and suffering, changes you!

It’s the beautifully hidden purpose under the heavy burden of pain; it’s the point and purpose that produces our spiritual growth for those left behind in order to wake us up and teach us to live and love more intentionally! I believe it is one of the most humbling experiences we can have.

As much as I fought with myself about sharing this extremely personal part of my suffering; God placed it on my heart to be vulnerable & transparent. Therefore, I am humbly offering my experience of the last moments with two of loved my loved ones, before their sudden deaths.

May you live and love more intentionally.

For John and Kareem….

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