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Make All The Men In Your Life Watch This Video, Right Now!

We Are The Lions (Spoken Cinema™)


Poet and actor Steve Connell delivers a powerful testament to men in this inspiring video that left me speechless, as part of the YWCA’s violence prevention initiative. He preaches with unwavering conviction, how imperative it is for men to speak out about violence against women. “My friends have beautiful children, and if what I have to do to keep their beautiful daughters from getting raped, harassed, or abused is choose to accept domestic violence as a man's issue too. Then I'll do that.”

The video begins by Connell discussing how he loves kicking back and swapping sexist jokes with his friends. He says there “just words” and he brushes them off with “just dudes kicking back”. But Connell stops suddenly and opens with a shameful expression “but I'm not okay with violence.”

Connell calls for men to evaluate how our current culture perpetuates and supports domestic violence and sexual assault. “Why ask her what did you do- when we should ask him what have you done?” This video is part of a growing awareness that men can stand alongside women and have a powerful impact on preventing violence.

The video ends with a message that needs to be spread: “

if we want to end the violence, we must speak, we must act.”

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