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Choose Wisely

A shoe store carries several styles and sizes. We go in and pick the ones that compliment our clothing and personal style. We chose the ones that match and we make sure they fit. Sometimes they're expensive, but if we really like them we buy them anyway.

When we choose a partner in life we should do the same. However, we often fall short when it comes to the right fit. The hand we choose to hold should be a comfortable fit. His grasp should be tight enough to hold us up but never so tight that it constricts our movement.

His touch should be soft enough to comfort us but firm enough to soothe our aches. When he walks beside us he should complement our appearance and contribute to our own style.

The perfect man is not the one who looks the best. it is the one with the best fit. The one who can bring out the best in you by believing in you and walking beside you with every step you take. Sometimes a pair of shoes needs an insole to feel comfortable but a man must be able to touch and see your soul!

Just like a pair of shoes he will cost us, but the right one is worth it all. That price is not wasted. It is an investment into our own heart so choose your man wisely just as you do your shoes!

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