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Justice Served & the Mission to Empower Others Continues..

Wed, Sep 16 2015, 10:08 PM | Csaba Sukosd

COLUMBUS, OH (Lu Ann Stoia) -- A mother sat in Franklin County Common Pleas Court on Wednesday waiting for the man who was once her boyfriend to be sentenced on felonious assault charges.

Marica Phipps said despite the decision to end the relationship with her ex, she trusted him. But on December 6, 2013, police said Trevelyn Johnson beat Phipps so badly he almost killed her. Johnson had hurt Marica before. Police said he severely beat and kicked her in 2008 in front of her children.

"When he confronted me that December night, he looked at me with an eerie calm and anger and uttered the words, B, I am going to kill you today. As he began to beat me, I begged and pleaded for him to stop. He put his foot in my throat and he pressed and twisted it and told me B, I am going to break your neck. His body overpowered mine, every time I tried to break free from the grips of his hands around me neck he held me down by straddling me so I couldn't move and he strangled me," Phipps told the court.

Johnson showed little emotion as Judge Colleen O'Donnell sentenced him to six years in prison Wednesday. Phipps said she's thankful justice was served.

Now Phipps said she's learning some new skills to protect herself and take care of her life.

Phipps has started a non-profit group, Battered Not Broken.

A woman's abused every 15 seconds in the United States and one-in-four women will experience domestic violence.

"Women have their own power inside of them to protect themselves, mentally and physically. You need to learn how to defend, learn to get to a safe place," said Phipps.

Her group will partner with Columbus Police next month for a Self-Empowerment and Preservation Workshop. It will be held Thursday, October 22, at the Columbus Police Academy on North Hague Avenue.

"I know that I am in control, and I can protect myself now and I would love to give that gift to other women to help them feel that same empowerment that I feel."

Battered Not Broken, Inc. a Domestic Abuse 501 (c) (3) Organization providing education, support, empowerment, and resources for victims of domestic abuse.

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