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Domestic Violence Survivor Empowers Others

I recently had the pleasure of participating in an interview with Angela An from WBNS-10TV, in which I described the frustration in the judicial process for victims as they wait for justice to be served. My case nearly took 2 years to come full circle- from the countless continuances, motions and delays, it all takes a toll on you; 355 pleadings, over 18 continuances, and 3 rescheduled jury trials to be exact.

Even though I have healed physically, the process it took to get here, beat me down just as bad as my abuser did. Each delay in the process, is extremely discouraging and frustrating, but staying with it, and getting back up each time you get knocked down from the disappointment, is a true test of your patience and faith, as well as sending the message that abusers should be held accountable for their behavior.

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