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H.E.A.L. in the New Year

I had no idea just how much forming this group to support others, would be a gift for me too. H.E.A.L is the acronym for Hope-Empowerment-Acceptance-Love. Originally it was established to support women in domestic violence. Yet, it has become a safe space for women to have a place to join and support each other from everything to abuse and unhealthy relationships...to addition, loss, divorce, and everything in between.

Overcoming abuse has been an ongoing recovery for me. Moving forward and creating a new "normal" is also part of the survival process, and this group has been a tremendous blessing during that process. Learning how to trust again (myself and my new partner) has also been part of the new process. Many that already know my story, know that following my last assault, my ex-partner, of nearly ten years, married my (former) best friend.... three months later. Therefore, learning to trust anyone again (both men and women) has been a long process. It's changed the way I make connections with people; it's also changed my discernment of people. Having a safe space to connect with others that have had lived through and shared similar situation's in their own lives has been very powerful for me.

Everything it Needs to Be

In this group, we have women that have come to sit and listen for several meetings until they feel comfortable talking; while we have others that open up immediately about whatever is weighing on their heart that day. What I love about this group is that it is precisely everything it needs to be for each person.

During our last meeting, we had an attendee that was pretty beaten down emotionally with life, as she struggled with her finances and necessities for her and her children. Almost Immediately, everyone embraced her emotionally then offered different contacts and resources as well as gave her hope that tomorrow would come and look better than that day. It was beautiful to see her walk away with more than she arrived with emotionally and spiritually.

The year of Increase

The new year always symbolizes a fresh start and a new beginning for leaving behind the year prior and moving forward in purpose and intention. Healing emotionally and getting our mental and emotional parts of our lives in order is the first step to making a change in any other area of our life.


2020 is the year of increase, it's less about focusing on the things we need to stop doing (settling for unhealthy relationships, over eating, stopping a bad habit etc.). Instead, its about focusing on the things we need to begin to to do to increase our potential mentally, emotionally as well as physically and financially. I encourage anyone looking to start 2020 with this perspective this year to join us!

Join us!!

We have meetings the last Wednesday of every month, ( we are in the process of adding more meetings later this year as we've been asked to have them more frequently).

Sign up is not required, but encouraged from a planning standpoint, as refreshments are also served.

Please click the link below to find out more details and sign up.


Join us as we "HEAL in the New Year"

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