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Let the Healing Begin! Our Women's Group: 'H.E.A.L' Begins Next Month!

It's been a long time coming! Last year we targeted to launch, H.E.A.L. a women's support group. However, life got in the way; I experienced two significant losses/ deaths in my family and the group and organization took a backseat while I worked on my own healing.

During my break, I had many women continue to reach out about the group and eager to join. This just reinforced the need and importance for such a group. With that being said, now, that I've caught my breath a little, we are ready to let the healing begin!

H.E.A.L is a fellowship of women whose common purpose is to give and receive healing though hope, empowerment, acceptance and love along our journey of self-discovery. The group is not focused on domestic violence, but about being healthier women (emotionally & mentally). Overcoming wounds inflicted by codependency, childhood trauma, divorce, death, addiction, sexual assault, unhealthy relationships or other experiences, makes us better women for our selves and those we love.

The only requirement for membership is the desire to learn the language of letting go and building a healthy, loving relationship with ourselves and others.

Being among people with shared experiences and situations, creates a unique emotional identification that is different from the type of support obtained from a professional.

H.E.A.L is always free of charge and women of all ages & backgrounds are encouraged to attend. You do not need to be healing or recovering from anything in order to attend. Perhaps you have healed, learned and overcome an experience; your wisdom is needed. Feel free to bring or attend with a friend for moral support, everyone that attends will walk away glad they did!

Let the Healing Begin & Join us for our First Meeting!

DATE: Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 @ 6 PM

LOCATION:Columbus Metropolitan Library -Driving Park Branch (1422 Livingston Ave. Columbus, OH) Room #3


Sign up is not required, but encouraged; signup & we'll save you a seat and send you a reminder!

More details about the group, it's purpose, principals and future meeting dates can be found on our H.E.A.L. Group Page

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