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Judy's Fight: Domestic Violence Survivor gets Inspiration to Keep Fighting

When I first saw Judy Malinowski's story on television, my heart broke; it broke for her, her daughters and her parents that were also suffering with her from the violence of an evil man. Despite Judy's pain and inability to stand up and fight back, I saw someone not only fighting to live; I saw someone fighting to prove that her spirit would not be broken and seen her passion and mission to warn and save women from what she experienced.

In Judy, I saw myself and so many other survivors, fighting to survive and save others. I was compelled to meet her and God aligned the stars to make that happen, on the very night before she was scheduled to give a deposition and finally get a chance to tell her story before the judge. I was honored to be the very first survivor Judy and her mother Bonnie met; NBC4i and Katie Ferrell were able to beautifully capture our first meeting.

Many thanks to Katie Ferrell for making the connection and bringing all of us together and for helping us to capture the moment and share it with the world.

Katie Ferrell @

Published: February 9, 2017

COLUMBUS (WCMH) –We’ve heard from so many NBC4 viewers since we first shared Judy Malinowski’s story. She’s the Gahanna woman who was horrifically burned after being intentionally set on fire in August of 2015. One of the people who reached out to us is another survivor, Columbus resident Marica Phipps.

Judy had never met another victim of domestic violence. We made arrangements for Malinowski and Phipps to meet at the hospital. Now, they’re inspiring each other to keep fighting.

“We’ve met a survivor and you’re the first one we’ve met, the very first person so it’s just so bittersweet,” said Malinowski’s mom Bonnie Bowes.

You probably know Malinowski’s story by now. She’s been in the hospital for the past 18 months and has had 57 surgeries, all because of a can of gasoline. Her ex-boyfriend sits in prison for setting her on fire.

“I don’t want to say it, but in my heart, I’m a little afraid she’s going to give up,” said Bowes.

That’s the reason for the meeting between the three women.

”You love your child and you want to understand and you’re there every second, but you also know your child needs more than you,” said Bowes.

Someone like Phipps who knows firsthand courage isn’t always easy.

“My ex-attempted to kill me,” said Phipps. “By the grace of God, I’m still here.”

Now Phipps and Malinowski share an unbreakable bond. Despite what the women have been through, they remain positive and want to help others.


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