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The Nations First: Ohio Crime Victims' Tool Kit

Unfortunately, we or our loved ones can become victimized by robbery, assault, stalking, domestic abuse, rape or worse even death. Last week, on October 3, 2016, I had the pleasure of being on site during a press conference at the Columbus Police Academy for the launching of a resource that will change the process for those victimized by crime in the state of Ohio. This tool kit is the Nation’s first self-help online legal tool designed to empower those victimized by crime. The press conference was the unveiling of the Ohio Justice Crime Victim Justice Center’s new tool called the Victim’s Rights Tool Kit.

I had the opportunity to hear and meet special guest speaker, Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, who was brutally killed along with Nicole Brown-Simpson in June 1994. October 3rd was a fitting day for the launch of this recourse, as it was 21 years ago, October 3rd, 1995 that O.J. Simpson walked out of a courtroom a free man. Kim delivered a touching speech of how painful not only the loss of her brother was, but how challenging navigation of the judicial system was for her and her family.

Kim Goldman, speaking about her experience after her brother, Ron Goldman was murdered in 1995

Personally, I can relate to the struggles of the judicial process, as it took nearly two years, 355 court pleadings, 18 continence’s and 4 rescheduled jury trials before my abuser was sentenced to 6 years for 2nd degree felonious assault. On the day of his sentencing, I read my victim's impact statement, I told the judge “the judicial process beat me more than we ever did”. I felt helpless and re-victimized each time; I like I had no rights as he and his attorney found ways to manipulate the system in every way as they exercised HIS rights.

Despite him being incarcerated, I am still able to utilize this tool, l as there are specific rights that I have even at this stage. The great thing about this tool is it easily gives you a personalized list of resources and rights for whatever stage your case may be in and access to speak to an attorney, free of charge!! Even though I wish this resource had been available when I was going through my nearly 2 yr court drama; I am extremely happy to see that others going forward will have access to it.

This is an amazing resource for anyone that has experienced victimization for domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, elder abuse and may other Ohio and federal crimes; it is also a great resource to educate those criminal justice system officials, medical personnel and community-based organizations who have the power to assist people victimized in Ohio. I am proud to have Battered Not Broken, Inc., listed as a resource for support and services within their database.

To learn more about the Victim's Rights, visit: or call them directly at (614) 848-8500 to talk to a Victims’ Rights Attorney.

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